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GameSir G8 Type-C Mobile Gaming Controller,


GameSir G8 Galileo –  Turning your phone into a proper portable gaming station

The GameSir G8 Galileo is one of the latest handheld mobile gaming controllers that stands out from the pack with features like customizable joysticks, button mapping, and great ergonomics. But is it enough to make a smartphone gaming controller worthwhile? That might depend on what you’re looking for — or, more importantly, whether you have a great smartphone or not. This mobile gaming controller enables you to attach your phone between two components of an Xbox button arrangement. It prioritizes improved ergonomics over portability and offers pass-through USB-C charging and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

  • It connects via USB-C
  • Three gaming modes offer versatile compatibility
  • Pass-through USB-C and 3.5mm jacks are huge perks
  • You can customize the controller’s faceplate

The GameSir G8 Galileo cannot single-handedly transform your phone into a device that surpasses a console or a high-performance gaming PC, but it does somehow level up your gaming experience and adds peripherals to your smartphone. With its ergonomic design and pass-through ports, the G8 Galileo effectively turns your smartphone into a gaming station, allowing you to connect it to a power source and a headset. 

The GameSir G8 Galileo tailors to your needs if:

You want an ergonomic and customizable mobile gaming controller
You have a phone with a USB-C port
You plan to play less demanding games or stream games through the cloud


Hall Effect Joysticks/Hall Trigger

GameSir Hall Effect sensing sticks deliver 360° seamless pinpoint control, provide the precision and durability that mobile gamers demand. And the Hall Effect analog triggers offer unparalleled smoothness and responsiveness, giving you a competitive advantage in any game.

Movable Type-C Port

The cutting-edge movable Type-C port guarantees a dependable connection to your gaming devices, delivering unmatched smoothness and reliability. Just plug in and immerse yourself in the game with unwavering confidence. (Note: compatible with Android & iPhone 15 Series and only with iPhone 15 series, does not compatible with other iPhone models )

Pass-Through Charging & 3.5mm Audio Jack

Connects to your phone’s USB-C port for ultra-responsive gaming and ensures your gameplay is uninterrupted. Charge while you play and use your favorite headphones.

Magnetic Detachable Faceplates

Elevate your G8 to match your unique style with magnetic detachable faceplates. Effortlessly switch them out to keep your gaming setup fresh and exhilarating, much like you’d personalize your in-game character.

On-the-fly Mappings

G8 has 2 extra buttons for quick in-game customization without software. Instantly programmable. Mappable Buttons: A/B/X/Y/LB/RB/LT/RT/LS/RS/View/Menu/Capture/D-Pad.



Brand: GameSir
Type: Mobile Gaming Controller
Model: G8
Color: Gray

SpecificationCompatible Models: iPhone 15 series only and Android
Connection: Built-in wired Type-C
Compatible Phone Size(without phone case): 110-185 mm in length, 13 mm or below in depth, Phone camera depth ≤ 5mm
3.5mm Audio Jack: Yes
Hall Effect Sticks: Yes
Analog Triggers: Yes, Hall Effect magnetic sensors
ABXY Buttons: Membrane, 5 million-click lifespan
Back Buttons: Yes, 2 Back Buttons
Pass-through Charging: Yes (*Not all phones are supported)
Customization Software: GameSir App
Weight & SizeProduct Weight: 252g
Package Weight: 546g
Product Size(L x W x H): 217*107*54 mm
Package Size(L x W x H): 262*149*66 mm
Package Contents

1 x Mobile Gaming Controller
1 x Small Thumbstick
1 x High Thumbstick
1 x Round Thumbstick
1 x GameSir Sticker
1 x After-sale Service Card
1 x Certification
1 x User Manual


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